Indiana Government Looks to Steer Farmers Away From Public Relations Disasters

The Indiana Government is looking to pass a bill that would make it illegal to for journalists or the general public to post videos taken undercover on farmland or in other business settings.  The bill was put forth by republican senator Travis Holdman after an incident in which a delivery driver inexplicably started recording with his telephone at a farm 25 miles southwest of Fort Wayne.  

The bill is put forth to protect farmers from a consumer relations nightmare if a “vigilante” were to enter a facility for no other reason then to “annoy and harass”.  Opponents of the bill cite numerous occasions where videos just like the ones stated in the bill were able to help withhold the law or even help the law change to correct inhumane actions.  A video showing mistreatment of animals and or workers in the food industry could become detrimental to a business.  One example was in 2008 when a Humane Society investigation in California that led to on of the largest meat recall in United States History

Although the bill has intentions to protect farmers and industry it seems to be there to help cover up the misdeeds in a moderately controversial industry.

Is the Government going to far by setting law to help protect an industries public and consumer relations?



~ by matto2008 on March 4, 2013.

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