What’s Your Beef? Horse Meat Found in European Foods

In recent days scrutiny has raged rampantly towards Findus Nordic a Swedish food processor after allegations of horse meat being found in multiple food sources within the European Union.  The horse meat has been reportedly found in a lasagna in Britain sold by Tesco (owned by Wal-Mart) as well as a British Burger King who claims the meat was purchased from a Irish company who had imported the meat from Poland.  With traces of horse showing up in beef that has traveled many countries, and was supposed to be inspected at each one, it is becoming difficult to figure out who is to blame.  It is reported that up to eight different countries have been brought into the equation as either a supplier, producer, or processor.  Although Findus Nordic is at the center of the controversy they have been extremely quick to point the blame via lawsuit to Comigel S.A.S a private French food processor.  This groundbreaking travesty is causing the public to question the government regulation of the food industry as well as becoming a nightmare for every company involved.

Working within the global food industry I question how this may have happened.  The amount of regulation and testing our processed meat products go though on a daily basis makes it seem unfathomable for so many corporations and countries to have missed it.  Although it is illegal to mis-label a product regulation should hardly of been needed to prevent this from happening.  If the company responsible for this horrendous mistake had any sort of ethical decision making it would never have happened.  Even if the meat has deemed to be safe for human consumption there is sure to be a lot of legal and financial ramifications as well as a horrible change in public opinion for any company or person to be found guilty of playing a part in the European horse meat scandal.

tesco_2477678b   funny horse faces

Does financial gain ever triumph over the ethical decision to honest to your customers?

Should legal ramifications be taken against the producers of the horse meat?


~ by matto2008 on February 11, 2013.

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